Policies , Options , Information

As shown in the picture : It is the price of the item as it can be seen in the picture
 with the same specification.
Larger : If you wish to have the same specification as in the picture but in larger size
and more flowers.
Premium : We offer your desired and selected item with more and exotic flowers and
 with the best design.

Useful information

1 - We guarantee our customers and recipient's satisfaction.
2 - Immediate order and delivery (even in less than one hour).
3 - We cover the entire country...
4 - The images in this site are pictures from our works. No difference between
the chosen image and delivered item.
5 - Delivery - We do our best to contact the recipient and deliver the order on time.  
But if we fail ( for any reason beyond our control), we will inform you about the case
as soon as possible and will follow your instructions
Please note that by providing us with an "Alternative Phone Number" of recipient,
or related persons or friends, you can help us a great deal in case of
complication in finding the recipient.
6 - You can track your order status online: " Order tracking ".
7 - Availability -In some cases, the exact kind of basket, container, or the same color of
 flower may not be available at the time of order or because of the seasonal limitation.
 In such a case, we will use a similar basket ,container or flowers, with equal or even
higher value (at our cost) and the utmost care and attention will be given to your order to
 ensure that it is as similar as possible to the requested item.
8 - Cities other than Tehran - Unlike Tehran in which you can find any kinds of flowers,
 plants , baskets and other flower containers almost at any time, often there are some
 shortages in other town and cities. The best option - that we strongly recommend - is
that you trust a good selection by the florist for a certain occasion and advise the amount
of money you want to spend.
9 - The pictures shown in our web site are valid for Tehran only. For other cities,
 we will of course consider all details of your order, but if some flower or container is not available
 in that specific location, we may have to consider the most similar item available as a substitute.